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Yeah, right. You've heard that one before. Sceptical? Nobody can blame you. Free stuff is either rubbish or there's a catch.

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"Simply the best of them all"

Of all the available lifestyle software programs on the market, you will find that BodyByte is the easiest, most powerful to use. And best of all, it's FREE - no kidding!

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How to get BodyByte

Get your copy of BodyByte by following the steps below:

  1. Download your country edition and version type (Free or Pro) of the BodyByte install file. Downloading is free for any version and edition of BodyByte.

  2. Run the install file to install BodyByte on your computer. The installation is complete but not activated - everything works except saving and printing, which are locked.

  3. To activate BodyByte, simply run it for the first time and follow the instructions for secure online activation. ACTIVATING ANY COUNTRY EDITION OF THE BODYBYTE FREE VERSION IS EXACTLY THAT: FREE. When the activation process concludes, you are issued with your computer-specific Activation Code.

  4. Activate BodyByte with your issued Activation Code, and you are ready to roll!

Free Download

There is no charge for downloading BodyByte.

The download files for BodyByte Free and BodyByte Pro are totally free. NO sponsors' ads, NO unwanted toolbars and popups, NOT ANY form of spam will reach you by downloading BodyByte.

The downloaded file installs the full BodyByte program and database on your computer. It is fully functional, but its ability to save, change or print data is locked until your installation is activated. (Activation of the BodyByte Free version is FREE, in case you missed previous references to this fact.) A demo user data file is included in the installation to allow you to explore all of BodyByte's capabilities exhaustively, without the need to activate BodyByte. You can also view the FAQs and study the included User Guide.

The download is anonymous. We do not require you to furnish any identification or contact details in order to download BodyByte. Just go ahead and do it.

Installing BodyByte

Once downloaded, you are at liberty to distribute the downloaded install file to anyone, if you want.

The download files for BodyByte and BodyByte Pro are about 7Mb in size, and won't take too long to download even if you do not have broadband Internet access. Still, visitors with dialup access may sometimes find download times a bit long and will most definitely appreciate a copy on disc, flash drive or other suitable media from a friend or their nutrition- or fitness professional.

To install BodyByte, run the install file from anywhere on your computer (hard disk, CD-ROM, flash drive, etc). Double-click the icon or select "Run" from the Windows Start Menu and supply the path and file name. The install file automatically installs BodyByte in the correct program location. If you wish to uninstall BodyByte later when updating to a new release, it can be
uninstalled cleanly by selecting "Uninstall BodyByte" from the programs Start Menu or the "Add or Remove Programs" feature of the Windows Control Panel.

Activating BodyByte

IMPORTANT: You cannot activate BodyByte directly from these web pages. You can only do so from the installed BodyByte program user interface.

You can only activate BodyByte AFTER having DOWNLOADED and INSTALLED BodyByte on your computer, and then using the provided link directly from the BodyByte program Main Console. This will automatically invoke your default web browser, and connect you to the BodyByte secure activation pages.

Activation of the BodyByte Free version is FREE, with absolutely no charge of any kind, no time-limited expiry or ANY other nasty surprises. Free in this instance means FREE. Activating the BodyByte Pro version is not free, and you will need to purchase a Pre-paid Token which must be redeemed during activation of BodyByte Pro. You can read more about BodyByte Pro and Pre-paid Tokens by clicking HERE.

No Viruses/Spyware/Adware

Each download is certified:
- Virus free
- Spyware free
- Adware free

We underwrite this by means of a digital signature to each and every download file to verify its origin and authenticity. When downloading, you get the BodyByte install file, ONLY the install file and NOTHING BUT the install file. We do not require nor record any information from you when you download, so your download is anonymous. The latest available technology is employed to ensure maximum protection for our customers and site visitors.

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